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My name is Greg Gordon and I run a company called "NLE Media Productions". Donny Adair and I share a common working history in that many years ago we were clerks at a well known local sporting goods store. Donny worked at the North Portland store & I worked in the Rockwood store. I am sure if you asked him, Donny would be able to regale you with all sorts of stories about his sporting goods experience.

One of my memories from back then was a story about two hunters in southern Oregon who had been cited for shooting a pair of cows (as in Guernsey) they thought looked like elk. They were stopped by state troopers on their way up I5. The troopers noting the freshly killed & gutted carcasses atop these guy's vehicle pulled them over.

You know, I spend a lot of time trying to be non-judgemental, but really, (please Lord, help me bite my tongue) these have got to be among the dumbest two people on earth! (Forgive me, Lord.) Well, since this page is about "OPTICS" maybe we can attribute the error to one of "Optical Disparity".

Maybe if these guys had been using a good pair of binoculars, shooting glasses and rifle scopes, they would have been able to discern a Guernsey from an elk. ...Maybe.

Here's some links to shooting glasses:

    1. Orvis
    2. Oakley
    3. Rx Safety
    4. Sport Glasses
    5. Sport Vision Consultants
    6. Extreme Eyewear
    7. Cabelas
    8. Post 4 Optics
    9. Optics Planet
    10. Gundogs Online
    11. All About Vision
    12. Champion Target

    And, finally, for those who need the help: eNature.com to help you identify animals. . .

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